appPeople GmbH

Hanauer Landstraße 146
D-60314 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon: +49 69 24 75 61 72
Company Listing: Frankfurt am Main HRB 92 462
USt-IdNr.: DE 281 453 101

Managing Directors: Dr. Giuseppe Gianni, Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauknecht


Management and medical-scientific conception
Dr. rer nat. Giuseppe Gianni
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Bauknecht,
PD. Dr. med. Jan Gärtner

Conception / design
Anja Amankona, Brand Health GmbH
Dr. Giuseppe Gianni, Brand Health GmbH

Data protection officer
Ovidiu Karagena, appPeople GmbH


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Data protection

No personal and location-specific data is collected within the app and forwarded to external servers.

Terms of Use

The app has been developed in cooperation with scientific experts and based on proven methods. It has been extensively tested and is continuously being further developed. Nevertheless, the operator of the service assumes no legal responsibility for the correctness of the calculations, data and information presented.
By using the MeQol® App ( "the App"), you waive any and all claims, claims and claims against app-People GmbH (including its employees), which in any way affect the use of the app and the information / Data. You also agree that the app's data is used solely for the personal logging of your pain and quality of life.
The data collected with the app must not be used for diagnosis or treatment. The use of the MeQol® App does not replace a personal interview with a doctor or other medical professional. All information and illustrations contained in the app are the intellectual property of appPeople GmbH and may not be reproduced without written consent.