Document, improve, benefit! Your quality of life in cancer, pain and schizophrenia therapy

MeQoL® allows you quick and safe documentation of your quality of life, relevant symptoms, specific occurences as well as your general condition.

The documentation helps you and your treating doctor evaluate the process and success of your treatment. It is based on proven, medically-scientifically recognized questions and routines and can improve your therapy.

  • Simple entry and documentation
  • Direct benefit for your treatment
  • Based on scientific and medical facts

The data is merely saved on your device and will not be forwarded. MeQoL®'s parameteres to be measured are based on questionnaires, that are applied in daily practice and clinical research. This ensures that the evaluation within the app can be used in the assessment of the treatment course.
The questions are formulated in a way that also lay people are able to answer them without any support or instructions.