Pain in cancer treatment

Pain during cancer treatment can be caused by the tumor itself or by the medication. Today, the modern pain therapy offers various possibilities to treat the symptoms and to maintain the patient's quality of life. In order to be able to evaluate the course of the therapy, the treating physician uses, among others, standardized questionnaires in the documentation.
MeQoL® ("pain in cancer treatment") is based on those questionnaires. With MeQol® you can document your subjective evaluation of your quality of life and level of stress, as well as the frequency and intensity of pain and the use of medication. Furthermore, questions concerning perception about the selected symptoms are asked. With the regular documentation there is the possibility for you that you document the course of the therapy respectively of the pain and your quality of life during the treatment.
The data is merely saved on your device and will not be forwarded. However, you can discuss the evaluation with your doctor and he will be able to get a better picture of the course of the treatment and if necessary alter the therapy. The evaluation can be saved and sent as a screenshot. The upcoming versions of MeQoL® will allow e-mail transmission.