Individual documentation. Based on medical and scientific facts.

MeQoL® allows you individual documentation of your quality of life, occurences of pain and your general condition, thus helping you and your treating doctor.

The documentation is based on proven and recognized methods and can be a benefit for your improved treatment.

  • Easy-to-use documentation and variety of evaluations
  • Direct benefit for your treatment
  • Based on medical and scientific facts

Usually, complex and validated documentation forms from scientific institutes or research groups are used to document the quality of life (Holland 2013). Mostly in written form, as extensive questionnaire or sometimes in the form of diaries. However, the documentation rate is often very low, afflicted with errors and in most of the cases the data is not entered and documented in a timely manner.

The direct benefit is limited. Other methods to document quality of life in therapy were sought and meanwhile it is recognized that the electronic documentation is an advantage and can contribute to improving one's treatment, particularly when speaking about chronic diseases like cancer, MS or COPD (Stinson 2015, Muehlhausen 2015, Smith 2015). With MeQoL® you have now the opportunity - independent from studies, but still of a high quality standard - to extensively collect and document relevant data in a timely manner regarding your quality of life.

The data is saved exclusively for you on your device, only accessible and available to you, your doctor and your confidants. They can have access to it, only if you allow it, that is to say, if you show them the device with the graphics.
MeQoL®'s parameteres to be measured are based on questionnaires, that are applied in daily practice and clinical research. This ensures that the evaluation within the app can be used in the assessment of the treatment course.
The questions are formulated in a way that also lay people are able to answer them without any support or instructions. The evaluation also allows personalization. Under personal settings you define the type and scope of the evaluation. Only the relevant parameters are shown. With this function you can also relate parameters to one anoter and show them in such a way, how symptoms relate to each other.

The data is merely saved on your device and will not be forwarded.

  • Document your quality of life and your condition
  • Take the documentation into your own hands
  • Your personal contribution - for more quality of life